Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Through Branches?

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We often use hedges trimmer to maintain hedges, shrubs and bushes. Apart from it, you can also use a shear or chain saw according to the plantation.

All these tools have their own set of benefits and disadvantages.

However, a hedge trimmer is popular among all gardeners.

Hedge trimmers are cheap and efficient when you compare them with other tools.

Whether you use an electric or gas-propelled variant, the features and cutting results are similar. Pole hedge trimmers are also available, which are helpful when you have to maintain high hedges.

Now, you might wonder, what can you do with a hedge trimmer or can a hedge trimmer cut through branches?

Then, this is the right page to read.

Here, we will tell you the correct answer and its reason.

Can a hedge trimmer cut through branches?

Well, the answer depends upon the situation, and it could be both yes or no. Yes, when the branches are thin, the trimmer has the required power and tooth gap to get through them.

No, if the bracnhes are very thick, which is greater than the tooth gap of your trimmer.

Hence, it’s not a great idea to cut through branches using a hedge trimmer.

You can check the limitations in the manufacturer’s manual to know about the maximum thickness a trimmer can tackle. Follow the given instructions; otherwise, the cutting results could be terrible.

Use a chain saw when you want to cut thick branches. Do not try to cut through significant branches using a hedge trimmer. Instead, try a chain saw.

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What size branches can a hedge trimmer cut?

The size depends upon the hedge trimmer and its tooth gap. The maximum a trimmer can cut is 25 mm (1-inch).

For instance, Bosch 0600847A70 AHS 45-16 has a tooth opening of 16 mm, which means it can easily cut through branches within this diameter range. Similarly,

Flymo 9671028-01 Easicut 460 has a blade gap of 19mm. So, this one can deal with thicker branches as well. Here you can check the best hedge trimmers for thick branches.


The Bottom Line

One gardening tool cannot perform all the tasks. A hedge trimmer is one of the proofs of this statement because it can do the maintenance but cannot go through thick branches. For heavy-duty jobs, it’s better to use a chainsaw.

Even if you mistakenly try to cut thick branches using a trimmer, you will notice that it does not have the power to go through such materials. On the other hand, a chainsaw can easily accomplish such tasks.

You can try to trim the hedges using a chainsaw, and after few moments, you will understand that this tool is not appropriate for such a job. But, a chainsaw cannot do the trimming job. A chainsaw will either throw all the hedges to the sides instead of pruning them.

Now, you can easily think about whether a hedge trimmer cut through branches or not. Check the diameter of extensions you want to cut. If it’s more than 1 inch, then go for a chainsaw. Otherwise, a trimmer can do the needful.

This is all we have about the hedge trimmers and branches. We hope you know where you can use a hedge trimmer and when it’s better to use powerful tools like a chainsaw.


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