Hedge Cutters Vs Hedge Trimmers

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Hedge cutter and hedge trimmer serve a similar purpose, but their usage is slightly different.

If you are looking for something to get your hedges in order, it can be a bit tricky.

Using an incorrect tool for a wrong task might damage your hedges.

Here is the most straightforward answer if you are wondering the key difference between the hedge Cutters trimmers.

Hedge cutters and hedge trimmers have different strengths when dealing with these pesky plants.

On the other hand hedge Trimmers do most delicate jobs, such as lighter trimming, whereas hedge cutters tackle more heavy-duty work like thick branch cutting.


What Is a Hedge?

A green border made of beautiful plantations is called hedges, which is generally used as a fence for a garden, park, historical structures and similar sites.

Hedges are perfect when you want to mark an end without using regular borders that sometimes spoil the sight. Apart from making your property stylish and beautiful, hedges also protect it from any unwanted living beings.

Hedge Cutters Vs Hedge Trimmers?

So, what’s the difference between Hedge Cutters & Hedge Trimmers? Let’s discuss in details.

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Hedge Trimmer

As you can understand from its name, this tool trims your garden hedges. If you have planted new borders that are growing, then you don’t need to cut them.

But, grown hedges might go out of control if you don’t prune them frequently. It’s where a hedge trimmer comes into the picture.

You can start using a trimmer on fully grown hedges and give them the design according to your preference.

This gardening tool keeps your edges dense, stylish, compact and disciplined. Apart from fences, you can also use them to cut through thin branches, bushes and shrubs.

The trimming frequency depends upon the plantation, season and preference.

For instance, if you want informal hedges, trimming once or twice every year does the needful.

On the other hand, if you wish for formal walls that can showcase your style, it’s better to prune them three or four times every year.


Hedge Cutters

Cutter deals with heavy-duty tasks when we talk about garden hedges. Hedge cutters are more robust when compared to trimmers, and hence, the former can efficiently deal with thick materials.

These gardening tools are not suitable for growing plantations. Instead, they are better when the hedges are going out of control.

A hedge cutter might not be the perfect tool for finishing. Such a device is efficient, but it is better to deal with thick hedges and lots of branches.

Most of the cutters are available with significant blades; they can do the cutting and chopping better than trimming or shaping. You can use the hedge cutter annually, but that depends on the hedges you have planted.

If you’re looking for something that can handle all tasks – which is often necessary in larger gardens with multiple levels or atypical shapes – then go ahead and get yourself a cutter!


Final thoughts

We hope now you know the difference between hedge cutters & hedge trimmers. As we discussed, they appear like the same tool but are different when we talk about cutting results.

If you deploy a cutter on tasks that needs trimmer, then the results might not be favourable.

Similarly, if you use a trimmer to accomplish a cutting job that requires a cutter, you could ruin the hedges.

Hence, we suggest that you keep both of these tools or a cutter cum trimmer in your gardening arsenal. Use the cutter to deal with long and thick hedges.

Put the trimmer on work when you want to finish the walls or other plantations. As you know, a trimmer can give them a perfect shape as per your preference.


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