Different Types of Hedge Trimmers UK

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If you want to enjoy a fresh, attractive and impressive garden, then a hedge trimmer is one of the best tools to include in your arsenal. It controls the overgrowth of all your hedges.

Moreover, using such a gardening tool, you can cut unwanted greens without investing much effort or time.

Hedges, bushes and shrubs multiply to create a mess in your garden. They will shrink your yard, leaving you with a small space to enjoy the plantation.

Plus, hedge growth might also cause unwanted spats with unhappy neighbours because some bushes and hedges intrude on their property.

Hence, a hedge trimmer is an essential device for garden owners.

However, there is a wide range of hedge cutters available in the UK market.

So, you might be confused while choosing the correct model according to your requirements. It’s why we are here with a guide that introduces you to the enticing world of hedge trimmers. Let’s start.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

The power source is an essential consideration while choosing a hedge trimmer for your garden.

There are three types of hedge cutters available to purchase. Corded electric, Cordless & petrol powered hedge trimmers. Each of them suits different working conditions and users. So, choose accordingly.

Electric Corded Hedge Trimmers

Best for small gardens because corded models need mains power to work. These gardening tools are comparatively inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use. So, a corded variant is best if you are a beginner.

A corded electric hedge trimmer powered trimmer works at low noise levels and never generates any carbon emission. Plus, you don’t have to maintain the device and replace its components regularly. These are why corded hedge cutters are immensely popular among users who own small to medium-sized gardens.

Make sure you try something that can suit the garden’s size. Don’t forget check the power cable’s length. Bosch, Flymo, Karcher and Black & Decker manufacture some of the best corded electric hedge trimmers.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Battery-dependent hedge cutting tools also offers carbon-free and convenient usage without making much noise. However, cordless models allow you to use them virtually anywhere. So, such devices are perfect if you own a large garden.

Modern hedge cutters are available with Lithium-ion batteries. Some of them offer significant power that you can compare with petrol propelled variants. Check the runtime to make sure the device can cover all your hedges.

If you want more power for thick shrubs or hedges, try the Black & Decker LHT2240CFF, which comes with a durable 40V battery and 55 cm dual-action blades. With the help of this long-lasting Lithium-ion battery, it can efficiently deal with all the hedges, shrubs, and bushes in your garden.

Petrol Propelled Hedge Trimmers

Trimmers working on fossil fuels are powerful and in general heavy duty hedge cutting machine comparing the electric models, also allows you to use them at any of the spots.

Hence, such hedge cutters are perfect if you own a large garden. These variants are also suitable for professional hedge maintenance projects.

No matter what are the challenges, a petrol propelled cutter can overcome them with ease.

Talking about the downsides, petrol cutters are heavy and produces a high amount of carbon emissions.

Moreover, they work at high sound levels and hence, are not suitable for noise-sensitive regions. Also, such variants need frequent maintenance and oil change that adds to their operational cost. So, beginners should stay away from trimmers that work on petrol.

If you want to try a powerful petrol-based hedge trimmer, take a look at Mcculloch HT 5622, which has 56 cm dual-action blades and a 22.7 cc engine. It has sufficient power to deal with all the hedges of a medium-sized garden.

For thick hedges, you need a trimmer with a longer blade. So, you can try this model by VidaXL. Its 72 cm steel blade can efficiently deal with anything in your garden.

Double-Sided vs Single-Sided Hedge trimmers

Now you know the types of hedge trimmers UK you will encounter in the market. But, there are several other points that you should remember. The type of blade is one of them.

Single-sided hedge trimmer: These trimmers are generally used to maintain long and straight hedges. It’s because single-sided models can be connected with longer blades without breaking their balance. Some of the single-sided variants are also available with clip collection bags that are helpful to remove the greens as you trim.

Double-sided hedge trimmer: We are sure you would like to invest in a dual-sided hedge cutter because most domestic users prefer the same. It is evident because these machines are easy to manoeuvre and very convenient to use. So, you can easily shave bushes, shrubs and hedges using a dual-sided blade without sacrificing much time or energy.


Other Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Hedge Trimmer

Power: The power of a corded hedge trimmer is measured in Watts. High wattage means the tool is more powerful. For instance, Bosch AHS 45-16 is available with a motor of 450W, but this model from Netta comes with an engine worth 600W. So, the Netta trimmer is more potent than Bosch AHS 45-16.

Cordless models draw all the juice from a battery. A battery’s ability depends upon two units: Voltage (v) and ampere-hours (Ah). V determine the power, and Ah decides the runtime. So, high Voltage means the cutter is robust and high Ah shows that it can run for a long time.

Keep a check on cubic capacity (cc) while browsing petrol propelled models. The cubic capacity tells you the power of a petrol engine. Higher cc means a trimmer can deal with harsh hedge cutting conditions. But, a powerful hedge trimmer device also consumes more fuel and needs a little more maintenance time. So, pick accordingly.

Blade length: An extended blade cut covers more hedges in less time. However, a trimmer with significant sword size might not be easy to manoeuvre, especially in a confined area. So, do not look for a trimmer with a large blade if you own a small garden. But, you can try a trimmer with long sword if you need to maintain countless hedges.

Tooth gap: The distance between the teeth of hedge trimmers is represented by the tooth gap, determining the maximum diameter of branches it can handle. You can try a hedge cutter with a tooth gap anywhere between 16 to 20 mm for a domestic garden. But, find something with a higher gap if you want to tackle commercial maintenance tasks.

Single or double cutting action: Trimmers with single cutting action are built using two blades wherein one move and the other remains stationary. On the other hand, both the blades move against each other in a double cutting action. Most modern hedge cutters use the latter because this mechanism creates minimal vibration and offers smooth cutting results.

Convenience: One of the most significant points to check while browsing for a hedge trimmer is its weight. A heavy cutter might destroy your hedges if you cannot handle the device properly. So, choose a lightweight gardening tool, especially if you are a beginner.

The type of the handle also matters because it decides how comfortably you can use the cutter. Rotating handles are popular because they allow grip adjustment according to the cutting job. Make sure the handle is in a central position for balanced and safe use. Above all, try to pick a model that has an inbuilt anti-vibration mechanism.

Budget: The cost of hedge trimmers varies depending upon their make, model, power type, built quality and convenience. Corded models are the most affordable. You can get a high-quality mains powered hedge cutter for £60.

Add some convenience to the hedge trimmers, and the price goes a bit higher. But, in return for the increased investment, you get the freedom to work anywhere. If you need a decent cordless hedge maintenance tool with a durable battery and efficient cutting results, then be ready to invest around £100.

Gas propelled models are the most expensive of all. Their price starts from £115 and goes up to £500. Sometimes even more. Due to high initial cost, such machines are only preferred by professionals and individuals who owns a large garden.

Maintenance: All the hedge trimmer types need some level of care, but the steps vary. So, whether you invest in gas, corded, or cordless trimmer, it’s better to read all the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain it according to the give steps.

Keep in mind that the gas-propelled models seek frequent servicing. Primarily, you have to check or replace the spark plug and air filter depending upon their condition. Plus, their winter storage differs because you need to drain all the fuel or add a stabilizer to keep it fresh. Blade sharpening and basic cleaning are required in all the variants that we discussed today.


Bottom Line

Now you know the different types of hedge trimmers UK and all other factors you have to consider if you want to purchase such a gardening tool.

We hope now you have sufficient knowledge to browse and choose something that suits your requirements.

There is another type of hedge cutter available, which is known as pole trimmer, that gives you a long reach. So, we suggest you browse the available models and see which one of them suits you best.

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