What Can You Do With a Hedge Trimmer?

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In this post, we are going to discuss what is hedge trimmer used for.

Hedge trimmers are multipurpose devices that you can use for many other tasks apart from shaping the hedges. You can also use such gardening equipment to clear weeds, bushes, shrubs and grasses.

Let’s take a look at what hedge trimmers can do for you.

What are The Uses of a Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge trimmers are straightforward gardening tools that you can use to trim, prune and cut the hedges or plants in your garden.

You can find a wide range of trimmers in the UK market, which means you can choose one of the best options according to your requirements.

Traditional hedge trimmers work on fossil fuels, but modern versions can use electrical energy to operate.

However, a trimmer keeps your garden clean and maintained irrelevant of its power source. If you hold a trimming device in good condition with sharp blades, then it can cut through much other vegetation apart from hedges.

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Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Branches?

You can use a hedge trimmer to maintain hedges, shrubs and bushes. But, you might want to cut thick branches using the trimmer, especially if you are in a hurry to finish the garden maintenance session.

Hedge trimmers can quickly go through thin and small branches, but they cannot deal with thick materials.

Hedge trimming devices comes with sharp blades, but they lack the power to cut thick and significant branches.

Plus, these tools cut with a back and forth motion, which is unsuitable for sturdy trees. If you want to cut chunky offshoots, then it’s better to try a chainsaw.

Generally, a hedge trimmer can go through branches up to ½ to 1 inch in diameter. So, using a trimmer to cut thick branches might damage its blades. Hence, if you are dealing with anything wider than 1-inch, the chainsaw is the right tool.

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, which might leave you wondering how will you control it in the garden. You can use a hedge trimmer to maintain bamboo plants, but there are some restrictions. A trimmer cannot cut through thick bamboo stems because the machine does not have that much power. Its blades are only capable of dealing with thin twigs, but mature bamboos are very wide.

Hence, even a powerful hedge trimming device cannot get rid of bamboo overgrowths. Still, you can use a pole hedge trimmer to cut down the plants from their top. Do not deploy the trimmer if the tips are more than ½ or 1 inches in diameter.

You can also use the trimmer to cut down bamboo branches, but only the thick and small ones. As soon as bamboo hardens, use a chainsaw to deal with them. The hedge trimmer’s blade might break while cutting such thick plants.

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Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Grass?

If you want to clear long grasses from your garden, a hedge trimmer can be utilized, but not recommended all the time. You can do this with caution. Instead a grass trimmer would be a suitable tool for this.

Though it can get rid of all the over-growths without taking much of your time and energy. But yes, you might face difficulties while dealing with short grasses.

Before cutting the grasses with the help of hedge trimmer, make sure there are no obstacles such as toys, rocks or thick branches. These items can break the trimmer’s blade.

Put on all the safety gear and do not wear loose clothes. If you have long hair, then tie it back. Injuries are sometimes unavoidable If anything gets stuck in the trimmer while it’s working.

Kneel instead of bending, especially if you are trying to cut short grasses. Keep the blade horizontal to the ground and cut down the greens. Be careful and do not hit the ground with the trimmer.

Will a Hedge Trimmer Cut Vines?

You can use a hedge trimmer to take down the weeds, but vines are sometimes challenging to tackle. A hedge trimmer can cut vines like blackberry plants, but not all the vines are thin. The thicker and harder ones are stubborn.

If you want to use a hedge trimmer to cut vines, start from the vines clump’s outer part. Work only a few inches at once. Move-in the trimmer in a sweeping motion from one side to another. Remove the plants that are already felled. Otherwise, they might jam your trimmer.

Thick vines and those with a lot of movement are tough to cut using a hedge trimmer. Some of the vines move along with the trimmer’s blade and then gets out of the way. Trimmer might not be an efficient tool in such situations.

Will a Hedge Trimmer Cut Brambles?

Brambles are flexible, and hence they are difficult to cut using a hedge trimmer. Plus, the device can quickly get stuck in these plants, which means you might not be able to control it easily. Still, you can try a hedge trimmer to deal with brambles.

Do not try to cover a vast area at once. Instead, cut the brambles in small quantities and pass the trimmer again if required. A powerful trimmer can do such jobs very quickly.

Any high quality corded, cordless, or gas propelled hedge trimming machine can cut the brambles if you follow the given technique. But, make sure its blades are sharp. Otherwise, the results might not be impressive.

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Tree Branches?

As we discussed, hedge trimmers are manufactured to cut thin twigs and leaves of a bush or hedge. The tooth gap of these devices is not more than ½ or a maximum of 1 inch.

Compare the given interval with your tree branches, and you will understand that the device will not fit them. Even a powerful and heavy-duty trimmer will struggle to go through tree branches.

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Bottom Line

It’s essential you know what is hedge trimmer used for. You can use this gardening tool safely if you know its powers and restrictions.

So, make sure you cut only thin branches and twigs with the help of a trimmer. Try a chainsaw for thick and large trees and their offshoots.

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