Do I Have To Cut My Hedge on My Neighbours Side?

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“Whose is the owner of that hedge?”

If it’s mine, should I cut the entire line on both sides or share the responsibilities with my neighbour?

“Very tricky questions that come up now and then. Sometimes disputes end up in the city council and cost a lot of money to all parties.

However, it is something to be avoided. Hedge maintenance can be quite tedious and should stay that way and not be a source of anger.

Therefore, is there a descriptive law on trimming the hedge boundaries, and what does it say? Should you and can you touch that?


Therefore, if you:

  • Buy a property with the hedge
  • Are you unsure who’s responsible for maintenance
  • Are wondering if you’re the hedge owner

Then this article belongs to you

Hedge Ownership and its Meaning

The hedge ownership is well-defined by where the major trunk grows. The hedge owner is responsible for not damaging the property of the neighbours.

For instance, if the fully grown hedge is pushing on the neighbour’s fence and finally damage it, you are responsible for it.

It would be best if you did not cut them on the neighbour’s side unless they threaten to harm his property.

These overgrown hedges may be an annoyance. So, if you think yours are causing problems for your neighbours, but you don’t have the right tools to trim them properly, hire a specialist to maintain them.

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So, who is responsible for cutting the hedge among the owners?

If you don’t know what to do in a situation with a neighbour, try to resolve the issue informally first.

The local council may reject the complaint if they determine that you have not taken all steps to reach the agreement without their participation. Here is who is responsible for trimming the hedges:

The responsibilities for cutting the boundary hedge are shared. You and your neighbour will need to trim their respective sides.

You can cut off any branch or back root that is within the property limits. However, you are allowed to cut the overgrowth on the property. If you go further, your neighbour can sue you for the property damage.

What does the law say about trimming the hedges?

The important laws you should know about trimming the boundary hedges:

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High hedge restriction

The high hedge, which can be a point of complaint is termed like any hedge, which is more than two meters tall. Nevertheless, if all parts are contented with their height, they can be held beyond two meters. There are additional ways to extend the height of the boundary legally.


Lawful hedge trimming and bird nesting season regulations

Try not to prune the hedges that contain bird nests, as this is offensive. When pruning hedges, which are home to birds:

Avoid unwanted mistakes and pause the hedge trimming between September and March at the suggestion of the RSPB.

The major breeding period for the nesting birds has been officially set from March 1st to July 31st, but it can last until August for some species. If you intentionally prune the bush or tree that you know is inhabited by nesting birds, you’re committing a crime.

If you are sure the birds are not nesting in your hedge, you can trim them between summer and spring.

Usually, the pruning time for a domestic hedge is winter or spring. Informal hedges need a one-time prune throughout the year. However, formal hedges may require 2-3 times maintenance.



  • You’re the hedge owner if the roots and trunk are on the property
  • You’re responsible for maintaining the hedge to prevent damage to the neighbour’s property
  • Hedges, which sit on the line boundaries belong to both households
  • It is a crime to trim the hedges of the nesting birds
  • Hedges taller than two meters can be challenged
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