Netta hedge trimmer in UK

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Netta, a reputable brand in the field of home and garden tools, has carved a niche for itself with its commitment to creating high-quality and innovative products.

Starting as a small enterprise, Netta has grown to become a beloved choice among professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts in the UK.

In this guide, we will explore some of the top Netta hedge trimmers available in the UK.

Find the top Netta hedge trimmer. Check our Top picks, reviews and product features for you and get informed buying decision.

The Netta Hedge Trimmer

NETTA Hedge Trimmer and Cutter - 550W - 50cm Diamond Cutting Blade - 16mm Tooth Opening - 6M Power Cable - Ultra-Light 2.2kg - Two-Way Safety Switch - Soft Grip Handle

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  • 500W CORDED HEDGE TRIMMER: This NETTA 500W Corded Hedge Trimmer is the ideal tool for getting your garden into shape. Boasting a blade cutting length of 55cm and 16mm tooth openings, this hedge trimmer is ideal for tackling small to medium bushes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND POWERFUL: The 500W motor will provide you with enough power to take on the overgrown bushes and hedges in your garden and the diamond ground blade ensures a neat and clean cut. Weighing just 2.6kg, this handy tool is easy to move around your garden as needed
  • SAFE TO USE: This hedge trimmer comes with a two-way safety switch and a hand protective guard to ensure your safety whilst operating. The 6m power cable will give you enough freedom to move around your garden and will reduce the need for overstretching.
  • DIMENSIONS: Product Size: 79cm x 14cm x 18cm | Carton Size: 81cm x 13cm x 21.3cm | Carton Weight: 3.5kg
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event that this product is at fault, do not worry, as we have you covered with our 365-day warranty. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing a product from us.

NETTA Cordless Hedge Trimmer & Cutter - Ultra-Light, Battery & Charger Included – 350 mm Blade Length, 14 mm Tooth Opening

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  • 12V ULTRA-LIGHT CORDLESS HEDGE TRIMMER: This NETTA 12V Ultra-Light Cordless Hedge Trimmer is the ideal tool for grooming your garden this spring and summer. Boasting a lightweight feel, strong cutting blades and a cordless design, this garden tool will help you get your garden into shape.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND POWERFUL: The powerful 12V lithium-ion battery will provide you with 35 minutes of uninterrupted cutting time and can recharge in just four hours. It weighs just 2.6kg which minimizes the strain on your arms and back whilst using this tool.
  • CONTINOUS CUTTING: The 45cm dual-action laser cut blades ensures clean and precise cuts every time. It will effortlessly cut through twigs and branches of up to 16mm thick. The anti-blocking system will deliver an uninterrupted cutting performance.
  • CORDLESS: Due to this product being lightweight and cable-free, you will be able to access all areas of your garden without the risk of tripping over wires or struggling to reach the top of hedges. It has a run time of 35 minutes which makes it ideal for maintaining small to medium hedges.
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event that this product is at fault, do not worry, as we have you covered with our 365-day warranty. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing a product from us.

NETTA 2in1 Grass Shear & Hedge Trimmer with 7.2V Rechargeable 1500mAh Lithium-Ion Battery, Edging and Shrub Shear, 2 Interchangeable Blades, Lightweight, Garden Cutting Edge Trimmer, Pruner - Handheld

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  • 2 IN 1 CORDLESS HEDGE TRIMMER AND GRASS SHEAR: This NETTA 2 in 1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer and Grass Shear is the ideal solution to your gardening needs. It boasts a 7.2V lithium-ion battery which gives it a running time of 50 minutes and a charge time of just four hours. It also comes with a two-way safety switch to help prevent incidents from accidental usage. A safety lock ensures that this tool will not turn on unexpectedly.
  • INTERCHANGABLE 2 IN 1 FUNCTION: This handy garden tool gives you the option to change between a hedge trimmer and a grass shear. There is no need for any extra tools as you simply disconnect from the handle and swap it over. This makes it ideal for cutting hedges, shrubs and grass with no hassle.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Weighing in at just 1.3kg, this 2 in 1 Hedge Trimmer and Grass Shear is made from a strong and durable plastic to prolong its use. The soft-grip handle is designed to be ergonomic to prolong usage.
  • DIMENSIONS: Grass Shearing Blade – 9cm x 3.3cm | Hedge Trimmer – 17cm x 3.3cm | Body Length – 27cm | WEIGHT: 1.3kg.
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event that this product is at fault, do not worry, as we have you covered with our 365-day warranty. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing a product from us.

The Importance of Quality Hedge Trimmers

Quality hedge trimmers are a staple in British gardening. They help maintain an attractive appearance in your garden, make hedge management easier and promote healthier plant growth by ensuring clean and precise cuts.

Netta Hedge Trimmers: A Cut Above the Rest

Netta Hedge Trimmers offer superior performance, durability and comfort. They are designed for various use cases, ranging from professional landscaping to simple home garden maintenance.

The Distinct Features of Netta Hedge Trimmers

1. Quality of Materials Used

Netta trimmers are built to last, using premium materials for their blades and housings. This ensures durability, resilience and long-term use.

2. Advanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to power tools. Netta hedge trimmers feature advanced safety mechanisms, such as dual switch operation and hand guard protection, which provide a safe user experience.

3. Power and Performance of Netta Trimmers

With powerful motors and sharp, precision-engineered blades, Netta hedge trimmers deliver a high-performance cutting experience. They are designed to handle various hedge types and sizes efficiently.

4. Energy Efficiency of Netta Models

Netta hedge trimmers are designed to be energy-efficient, with low energy consumption rates. This helps reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the performance of the trimmer.

5. User-Friendly Design

Ergonomics and ease-of-use are key design features of Netta hedge trimmers. With features such as adjustable handles and lightweight designs, these trimmers ensure comfortable use, reducing user fatigue.

Practical Guide to Using and Maintaining Your Netta Hedge Trimmer

This section would be a comprehensive guide on using and maintaining Netta hedge trimmers. It would include safe operation procedures, routine maintenance tips, and a simple guide on troubleshooting common problems. I would also advise on when and where to seek professional help, should the need arise.

How and Where to Buy Netta Hedge Trimmers in the UK

Here, I would discuss how and where to purchase Netta hedge trimmers in the UK, highlighting the pros and cons of buying directly from Netta, and introducing other trusted retailers and online marketplaces. I would also discuss warranties and after-sales service.


1. How do I know which Netta hedge trimmer is best for my needs?

Choosing the right Netta hedge trimmer depends on several factors: the size of your garden, the types of hedges you have, and how often you intend to use the trimmer. For large gardens with dense, mature hedges, a higher-powered model like the Netta 710W Electric Hedge Trimmer would be ideal. For smaller gardens or less frequent use, a model like the Netta 450W Mini Hedge Trimmer might be sufficient.

2. What safety measures should I take when using a Netta hedge trimmer?

Safety is paramount when operating any power tool. Always wear appropriate protective clothing, including safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy footwear. Make sure the trimmer is in good working order before you start, and always hold the trimmer with both hands when in use. Keep the cutting blades away from your body and make sure there are no people or pets near your working area.

3. How do I keep my Netta hedge trimmer in optimal condition?

Regular maintenance will keep your Netta hedge trimmer in top condition. This includes cleaning the trimmer after each use, keeping the blades sharp, and lubricating the blades with oil periodically. Always store your trimmer in a dry, safe place to protect it from damage and wear.

4. Where can I find replacement parts for my Netta hedge trimmer?

Replacement parts for Netta hedge trimmers can be purchased directly from Netta or from approved retailers. Be sure to buy genuine parts to ensure compatibility and longevity.

5. What should I do if my Netta hedge trimmer stops working?

If your Netta hedge trimmer stops working, first check the basics: Is it plugged in or fully charged? Is there an issue with your power supply?

If the problem persists, consult the troubleshooting guide in your user manual. If you can’t resolve the issue, contact Netta’s customer service or take the trimmer to a professional for repair.

6. Are there any financing options available for purchasing Netta hedge trimmers?

Yes, some retailers may offer finance options for purchasing Netta hedge trimmers. This can include pay-in-installments plans or credit options. Be sure to check with the individual retailer for details on their financing options.

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