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People LOVE lightweight hedge trimmers!

They’re one of the most famous pieces of garden equipment across the board.

So light, yet so powerful.

The weight is usually less than 2 pounds and lets you trim or cut hedges, bushes, and more without any strain on your wrists or arms!

Ahh…less pain equals happy life, in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a lightweight hedge trimmer, then this guide is for you.

We’ll talk about the different types of hedge trimmers and what factors to consider when buying one.

You’ll also find reviews from other customers who’ve used these products before so that you can make an informed decision.


Our Top Picks of 2023

So here are our Top Choices for Lightweight Hedge Trimmer Comparison below


Who Needs a Lightweight Hedge Trimmer?

The type of hedge trimmer you use will depend on a few things, including how big your garden is and what types of plants are in it.

If there’s no heavy work to be done, then a lightweight electric hedge trimmer might do the trick just fine.

But if you have hedges that need cutting down more than once every year or so, then petrol-powered hedge trimmers would probably suit your needs better.

The Advantage of Lightweight Hedge Trimmer

It is easy to use and take care of. 

It doesn’t require any hard work because a lightweight hedge trimmer can be used with just one hand, making it excellent for people with some limitations in their hands or arms and elderly persons.

– A lot more individuals are turning into environmentally aware. They would like lightweight hedge trimmers since they do not generate much noise that disturbs the peace while trimming hedges and bushes near houses.

– There are two types: electric lightweight Hedge Trimmers and petrol Lightweight Hedge Trimmers. Electric lightweight Hedge Trimmers make use of an electrical power outlet. 

In contrast, fuel-powered Lightweight Hedger Trimmers may need gasoline before starting up them – this implies you should have to worry about refuelling them over and over.

– In the UK, there are many lightweight hedge trimmers on offer from a wide variety of producers and various costs or prices.

The selection process is more difficult because there are so many choices accessible for buyers that they will want to know their preferences before making their last choice. 

It could take time if one has not decided exactly where she wants her new Lightweight Hedge Trimmer to be bought.

This means an individual would need crucial research into which retailer offers the most inexpensive rate with no compromising quality.

– Individuals must also consider weight when buying a lightweight hedge trimmer since it can affect how much use they can get out of the product. For example, a petrol hedge trimmer would weigh less than an electric one, so it might be more appropriate for somebody with back problems or other issues that make carrying heavy objects difficult.

– The price should also be considered before buying any Lightweight Hedge Trimmers because there are many different prices on offer in the UK. 

Some people may not have enough money to purchase every single kind they want.

– There is no possibility of needing to strain your arms if you obtain a lightweight hedge trimmer – this will save energy and help with how much time it takes to use them, too, which can only work as an advantage when trimming hedges since it’ll take less time per day.

Top Lightweight Hedge Trimmers By Power Types

Cordless Lightweight Hedge Trimmers


Corded Lightweight Hedge Trimmers


Lightweight Petrol Hedge Trimmers


How to Choose The Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmer

Here are some things you need to consider when buying a lightweight hedge trimmer :

Price: There are many different prices on offer in the UK and some people may not have enough money to purchase every single kind they want.

For example, a petrol hedge trimmer would weigh less than an electric one so it might be more appropriate for somebody who has back problems or other issues that make carrying heavy objects difficult.

Weight: The weight of your lightweight hedge trimmers matters because you will need them with just one hand which means they could end up feeling heavier throughout use if their weight isn’t considered beforehand by the buyer and manufacturer

Type: Electric light weight Hedge Trimmers and petrol Lightweight Hedger Trimmers come in two types but this can be determined based on how much work is needed as well as the person’s preference.

Noise: Many people are environmentally conscious and would rather electric hedge trimmers because they generate less noise that disturbs the peace while trimming hedges and bushes near houses

Safety: Consider safety features before buying any type of light weight hedge trimmer to make sure you’re getting a product with all necessary protections in place for when it will be used.

For example, some have an “anti-kickback” device that prevents the blade from spinning back towards your hand if it becomes stuck on an obstacle like branches or rocks which can help prevent injury during use as well as overall power requirements too since more energy is needed with every kickback event.

Other things can include handles made out of non slip materials such as rubber or even foam to make sure you’re not dropping the hedge trimmer and injuring yourself while using it.

Extra features: Some have a new feature called “auto feed” which means that when cutting something, this could automatically give more blades forward in order to keep up with how fast an individual is moving their hands so they don’t need to stop during use for any reason

Ease of movement: If someone needs lightweight light weight hedge trimmers then they would require minimal effort on behalf of the person holding them since some people may have back problems or other issues that make carrying heavy objects difficult – petrol Hedge Trimmers are one such example because they weigh less than electric ones.

Price Range: When looking at prices, it’s important to consider the range of prices that are available and what type of person would be best suited with a certain type.

For example, lightweight hedge trimmers will typically cost more than electric ones because they have engines which require fuel while also being heavier in general.

Durability: A key thing you need to look for is durability when looking at different types of Lightweight Hedge Trimmers

Availability: You should know where you’re able to purchase any given Lightweight Hedger Trimmer before buying them or else this could cause inconvenience later on since some people might not want to go too far out their way just to get one if there isn’t an authorized place near where they live.

Searching online may help with finding the nearest place based on where you live.

Review: The reviews of products can also help you to make the best decision for yourself when purchasing any type of product because many people leave detailed thoughts as well as photos or videos depicting what they bought and how it was used in their experience


Tips for maintaining your light-weight hedge trimmer

Here are some tips to maintain your lightweight hedge trimmer and keep it in good condition-

o Keep your hedge trimmer blades sharp, you can do this by using a file or sandpaper to sharpen them

o After each use of the electric hedge trimmers and petrol hedge trimmers, make sure that they are stored in their protective casing so that dust does not accumulate on them which could cause damage as well as provide somewhere for water droplets from rain or snow to potentially get into the engine.

o Make sure not to leave any fuel inside after operating petrol Hedge Trimmers because this may lead to corrosion over time if left unchecked – an example being gasoline getting mixed with battery acid. Store unused fuel elsewhere too where it won’t be exposed to anything else like moisture since having these types of things together will eventually lead to corrosion

o Oil the blades and motor after use so that it stays lubricated which can help with preventing any issues such as oil drying out, or even prevent rusting

o Clean your hedge trimmer from time to time using a damp cloth in order to remove dirt and dust. This is especially important for electric ones because they may accumulate more dust than petrol Hedge Trimmers due to not having engines where there are rotating parts – this causes them to be less likely at getting dirty but if they do then you should clean these types too so long as you’re making sure not get water inside the engine while doing so (don’t forget about other safety measures like wearing gloves) since moisture cannot enter an engine.


How Much Power Does a Lightweight Electric Hedge Trimmer Have?

Since there are many other variables, it’s hard to compare in terms of power.

But an electric hedge trimmer is much more convenient than a gas-powered one because you don’t have the fumes or noise from an engine, and strimmers that come with battery packs and a charger make up for their lack of brute strength with convenience.

They’re surprisingly powerful for their size, too!



There are a lot of different things that need to be considered before buying lightweight hedge trimmers which is why this ultimate guide exists – some examples being weight, noise level, safety features, extra features etc.

All these factors should be looked at by anybody who wants to buy a new one so that they know exactly what kind would be best suited for them and never have an issue with getting stuck without one again.

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