Can You Trim a Hedge With a Chainsaw?

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Chain saws are a powerful and versatile gardening tool that can prune your hedges. But, you have to be careful and follow all the safety procedures while using such an outdoor tool.

The cutting results can be better if you are an experienced gardener.

Safety Should Be Your Priority

Read the manufacturer’s manual before using the chainsaw. Know the tool’s power and safety features so that you can know its abilities as well as restrictions.

Let your family members know that you are going to use a power tool. Once informed, no one will come to disturb you while working.

Wear eye protection, ear safety, heavy-duty gloves and gardening boots. Steel-toed boots are also great. Check the engine oil and fuel level (if you own a gas-propelled chainsaw).

Create the correct tension in the saw blade. Read this on hedge trimming safety tips and tricks.

Use the saw at your waist height. Do not raise your hands above the shoulders while using a chainsaw. Prefer cutting with the blade’s sides to avoid any kickbacks.

Do not attempt to cut branches or anything else that’s very close to the ground. A collapse of the land might damage the blades.

Clean the saw and its blades after you finish a cutting or pruning session. Sharpen its blades once every season. You can do it yourself or contact a professional if you have fewer ideas about blade sharpening.

Starting a Chainsaw

Start a chainsaw only at ground level. Place the tool on grass, push the chain brake to engage it and turn on the power. If you own a cutting machine with a priming function, press the primer button 2 to 3 times. Skip this step if you have an electric version.

Use your left hand to hold the front handle of the saw. Put some pressure on the machine by placing your right foot on its rear handle. Start the saw using your right hand.

Once the engine starts, you can cut the branches using its pushing chain, the blade’s top side. Its bottom part is called pulling chain.

How to Trim a Hedge With a Chainsaw?

Hedge trimmers offer high-quality results when we talk about hedge maintenance. But, in case you don’t have access to a trimmer, you can use a chainsaw to do the needful. But, do not expect smooth and accurate cutting results with the help of a chainsaw.

The technique differs according to the plant you want to trim. For instance, be very careful if you are cutting juniper bushes. Remove only the old and crossed branches. Prune these plantations in the early springs for the best outcome.

Cut deciduous hedges like hornbeam or cornelian cherry dogwood only in the late summers. If the borders have a lot of leaves, then start pruning them at an early age. Check for nests, and do not harm them if you find any.

Do not cut lilac bushes until and unless they are at least 6 feet in height. It’s better to cut their stems instead of the branches. Prune lilac after they stop flowering. Trimming these plants too early or very late might destroy new buds and negatively impact their growth.

Related FAQs

What would be the best tool to shape trim hedges?
Mechanical hand shears and motor-powered hedge trimmers are the best tools to trim hedges. Hedge trimmers are available with a maximum blade size of up to 70 cm, comparatively higher than hand shears. So, you can try a hedge trimmer for medium and heavy-duty trimming tasks. For small pruning jobs, you can use a mechanical shear.

How do I make my hedges thicker?
Prune the hedges regularly and trim them annually to get rid of any dead branches. Trimming will also take out the diseased and broken offshoots. Trim one-quarter and sometimes one-third of the components to promote healthy growth. Cut the branches that grow bigger than the desired diameter or length.

How much do gardeners charge to cut hedges?
The gardeners’ charges you according to per hour or meter of hedges. Fixed price is only possible for large areas. The average cost to cut hedges is between £20-£40 per hour.

Final thoughts
Do not ignore your hedges. Prune them using a chainsaw or hedge trimmer every year. It’s better to use a hedge trimmer, especially if your walls are not very thick.
Trim the hedges in the early springs to maintain healthy growth.

If, by chance, your fences were left intact for a long time, then take out the dead branches and leaves. New life will flourish, only if you make some space for them by taking out the dead ones.

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